Every car should come with a healthy dose of good luck. As long as cars have been on the roads, people of many religions and cultures have placed symbols of good luck in their vehicles…the image of Saint Christopher for protection on long journeys…a talisman against the Evil Eye and other charms to ward off misfortune, envy and dislike…or even a handful of coins tossed on the floor by family and friends to ensure good luck.

From all these traditions now comes Good Carma, a precious gift of spirituality specifically created to help bring good luck and safe travels. A pouch of hand-picked gemstones ~ Good Carma represents the perfect balance of mind, body and
casting an aura of protective energies on every
journey, and keeping everyone inside safe and smiling.


  • The Good Carma pouch was designed to be slipped into a cup holder or tucked into a glove compartment or console, so that extra dose of good luck is always there when itís needed. And the best part? The good karma that comes back to you when you give the gift of Good Carma.
  • When you give the gift of Good Carma, youíre giving the gifts ofÖ
  • <b>AGATE...</b> to promote grounding, protection, and security. It also balances auras, promotes spiritual growth, stimulates precision and perceptiveness and improves concentration and memory;
  • <b>AMAZONITE...</b> to promote confidence, calm emotions and soothe nerves. It also improves self-worth, aids in aligning the mental and physical body, and enhances creativity;
  • <b>AMETHYST...</b> to help conduct peaceful energy and aid intuition. It also encourages freedom from addictions;
  • <b>HEMATITE...</b> to revitalize the body and attune the mind. It also positively affects the bloodstream, and;
  • <b>TIGER EYE...</b>to increase confidence and clear thinking. It also helps convert anxiety, fear and obsessiveness into practicality and logic.